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Writer's Block: Taking a trip with Mrs. Tibble

What name would you give to your car or bicycle, and why?

my bike already has a name! archaic bicycle of troubles. it is an old mountain bike form the early 1990s. my mountain bike friends with their fancy disk brakes and index shifters are amazed at how much of an antique it is. it also cursed with poor parts. my tires WERE threadbare. i would not dare any cool jumps in fear of having the tires explode. good thing i have brand new fancy tires with a layer of kevlar. io have been dealing with a flat since right after i got the new tires. i am certain a tiny bit of rubber from my old tires got on the rear tube and caused a small hole. headaches ever since. today i bought a spare tube. it is much easier to change a tube than patch a hole in the wee hour of my morning ride. so there. my bike is old and i always have issues.

i should just buy a new bike.
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