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HOLY CRAP! Simon Belmont in Super Mario Bros?????????!!!!!11???!!11oneoneoneeleven

So I was minding my own business on teh internetz when I found to a flash version of Super Mario Bros. Big deal, right? NOPE! Here you can play as one of several BELOVED characters of the NES era. Link, Sammus, Simon, Mega Man, that dude from Contra, and even Mario himself; they are all there. Everyone has unique abilities suited to their character. Simon uses the Vampire Killer and can double jump, HIGHLY useful in SMB. Sammus can roll into a ball to plant bombs. Stuff like that. Their abilities can be upgraded with mushrooms and fire flowers. It is so much fun. All the secrets are right where they should be. A nice improvement to the original gameplay is that you can scroll back a screen. all in all, an ace game for anyone that remembered the 80s as when we had to blow in our game carts to make them work.

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